AVIA Lubricants


AVIA: A strong brand

  • Founded in 1927 in Switzerland
  • 3200 petrol stations
  • Annual income of over € 20 bln
  • TOP 10 of the biggest gas station brands in Europe
  • #1 – biggest gas station brand in Switzerland
  • Present in over 50 countries worldwide



AVIA: 一个强大的品牌

  • 1927年 在瑞士成立
  • 3200 家加油站
  • 年应收超过200亿欧元
  • 欧洲前10大加油站集团
  • 瑞士最大的加油站品牌
  • 遍布全球50个国家

Lubricants under the AVIA brand

We highly encourage our customers to try latest and most advanced AVIA engine oils, which guarantee perfect protection of the engine. Excellent viscosity ensures optimum lubrication also in low temperatures, which largely reduces the wear to engine parts. AVIA offers a wide range of oils both for petrol as well as diesel engines. Additionally, industry oils and greases are a significant part of our Lubricants Division.



我们积极鼓励客户们尝试AVIA品牌产品,采用先进技术配方,保证对发动机完美保护的全合成机油。优异的粘度指数确保在低温下也能保持最佳润滑,从而大大减少发动机部件的摩擦。 AVIA提供各种用于汽油与柴油发动机的机油。此外,工业用油和润滑脂也是我们品牌的主要产品之一。




European Quality Products and Swiss Business Traditions and Practice

For all products and services we offer, one thing remains the same: Our focus is on the satisfaction of customers’ requirements and quality. Requirements for lubricants for the automotive sector are advancing through new developments towards greater economy, longer oil change intervals and lower environmental impact.

AVIA takes these development trends into account and has amalgamated the full spectrum of the latest lubricants:

  • Engine oils for PCMO and HDMO
  • Automatic transmission oils (ATF)
  • Gear oils
  • Greases
  • Frost/corrosion inhibitors
  • Brake fluids.

Hi-tech oils for ultra-long oil change intervals, environmentally friendly two-stroke oils and speciality oils for a variety of special drives. AVIA works with the world’s largest suppliers of base oils and additives, thanks to which the products offered meet the most stringent quality requirements.

You can download the AVIA lubricants catalogue here. Product catalogue.






  • 乘用车与商用车机油
  • 自动变速器油
  • 齿轮油
  • 润滑脂
  • 防冻液/防腐蚀剂
  • 制动液