Piotr Cieślak

Member of the Supervisory Board


A graduate of the Academy of Economics in Poznan, specialized in Investment and Real Estate Management. Since several years he is directly responsible for development of legal department of the Association of Individual Investors. An author of comments, statements, publications on broadly understood issues concerning capital market, an author of independent analytical reports on the companies entering the stock market.

In the years 2005-07, he was Analytic Director and Chief Analytic of the Association of Individual Investors. Since 2008 he is holding the duties of the Vice-President of the Board of Association of Individual Investors.

President of Auditing Commeete

Mr Piotr Cieślak complies with the criterion of independence of a member of the Supervisory Board specified in Best Practices of WSE listed companies.
Based on the submitted statement Mr Piotr Cieślak is independent from Unimot S.A. in the meaning of Art. 129 clause 3 of the Law of 11th May 2017 on statutory auditors, audit firms and public supervision.