Corporate Social Responsibility

In all the areas of its operation the Group complies with the principles of professionalism and business honesty – simultaneously taking care of the quality and safety of products that it trades. We also scrupulously respect the relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, local community and investors, resting them on respect and mutual trust.

The UNIMOT Groups also endeavours to respect the natural environment and the surrounding in which it operates. As a fuel company it strives to minimise the negative impact on the natural environment, among others, through a diligent implementation of the National Indicative target and development of alternative means of transport powered with electricity. In June 2019 UNIMOT S.A. made an investment into the Internet platform, therefore entering a new area of operations – electromobility. The investment also involves promotion of the idea of sharing vehicles.

The Group, being simultaneously also an electricity seller strives to ensure that it comes to the largest extent from renewable energy sources. It can be already stated that the majority of electricity sold by the company UNIMOT Energia i Gaz is “green” energy, which comes primarily from wind and photovoltaic farms and also from other form of “green” energy producers.

The UNIMOT Group also undertakes a series of actions that are aimed to develop positive and responsible relationships with the social groups that surround us.

For several years we have been supporting education of outstanding, young Poles at best American and European universities (such as: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford or Cambridge) cooperating with the IVY Poland Foundation, which promotes education and conducts a programme of tailored educational advisory. It selects candidates and the UNIMOT Group provides them with interest-free loans to cover the cost of tuition. In total the Group has granted loans for over 10 participants in the amount of over PLN 200 thousand.

UNIMOT is also involved in the local community through promotion of sports activities and education. Within the undertaken actions it, among others, supports the cycling race President of Częstochowa Cup, development of sports interests of young persons through sponsoring the cycling club Kolejarz-Jura Częstochowa, and it also cooperates with the Czestochowa University of Technology.

In 2019 UNIMOT Group has supported education of entrepreneurs within the conference „Myśl na większą skalę”. The Group also supports SIEMACHA foundation, which according to its mission creates open, affluent and learning communities based on free will, honest dialogue and respect of principles.

UNIMOT Group is going supports financially the Zawadzkie Municipality, one of the poorest municipalities in Poland, where the registered office of UNIMOT S.A. is located. UNIMOT provided the municipality with the amount of PLN 100 thousand, which will be used to construct a modern and safe playground for children in the centre of Zawadzkie and will also support two local clubs that develop sports passions among the youths: the karate club NIDAN and the Autonomous Section of Handball.