UNIMOT S.A. offers sales of butane and mixture of propane-butane. These are high quality products imported, among others from eastern refineries, compliant with the requirements of the European Norm EN-589.


Gas bottling plant in Zawadzkie

The plant is located in the southern part of the city, behind the railway line Opole-Tarnowskie Góry, near the crossroads of provincial roads nr 901 and 426. A4 motorway runs about 25 kilometres from the bottling plant.

The bottling plant has liquefied gas tanks of total capacity 720 m³ (380 tonnes). There is a side-track within the plant which increases the reloading capacity of gas to tank trucks.


The plant has a modern measuring system, to be used to serve deliveries in tank trucks. Mass measuring systems precisely determine the amount of released gas, and a special weight makes it possible to control the amount of gas on the arrival and departure of tank trucks. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure, reloading capacity of the bottling plant reaches 50 thousand tonnes of gas a year. The bottling plant works on 24-hours basis, the whole year.

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